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Javadhu Premium Gold

Javadhu Premium Gold

We Manufacture Javadhu Perfumes in Premium Grade. The premium grade javadhu perfumes are made for Hindu Temples, Corporate Clients, Export orders & Higher end clients on regular basis. All perfumes are free from alcohol, chemical or preservatives. The Fragrance is long lasting and the shelf life is 3 years.

Our  Premium Grade Javadhu Perfumes  are very high in quality and is only available with us. These premium grade javadhu perfumes are manufactured with sandal Oil, Natural Floral extracts & Herbs in a traditional method existing since vedic ages. This is one of the rare product comes from the Land known for fragrance and Aroma with the blessing of Lord Subramanya through Sage Agathiyar & Bhogar.

A traditional Indian Natural blended Fragrance, Javadhu – the perfume from paradise in Premium quality available only with us. With a perfect blend of nature gifted precious ingredients we make javadhu. The power is so unique to fill your hearts with joy and romance Premium Grade Javadhu Products are available in the form of Cream, Powder & Roll on. 

Our Javadhu Perfumes are sure to fill your hearts with joy, happiness and make you feel the divine presence within & around us.

We Manufacture Following Types of Premium Aroma / Fragrance :
  • Natural - Javadhu,Vettivert
  • Woody – Sandal
  • Floral – Jasmine, Rose, Manoranjitha, Parijatha, Makila,
  • Western – Fantasy, Charlie, Musk
  • Attar – Jannath Ul Firdaus, Al-Kaaba, Majuma

Features & Usage :
Our specially made Natural Javadhu Products available in the form of paste can be used by applying it directly to the body. The Fragrance will keep you fresh through the day. It’s the best natural remedy for treating body odor and is totally allergy free.  Body should be clean before applying. Best time for application is immediately after shower in the morning and evening, during prayers, meditation etc. Javadhu Powder is the best substitute for sandalwood powder.

Features of Our Javadhu Perfumes Are :
  • Natural
  • Free from any side effects or skin allergy
  • Free from Alcohol, Chemical or Preservatives
  • Long lasting Fragrance
  • Shelf life is 3 years
  • Premium Grade Javadhu powder is very effective for removing odor in the house after cooking
  • Very effective when used during prayers, meditation or daily pooja

Other Details :
  • Packing : 
    • For Paste : 10gm/50gm/100gm/500gm/1kg in Plastic Container
    • For Roll : 8ml / 100ml/250ml– roll on bottle & Alloy Can
  • Delivery : 2 to 3 weeks from Advance TT Payment and Order Confirmation

  • Fantasy

  • Jannath Firdaus

  • Jasmine

  • Javadhu

  • Majuma

  • Manorajitham

  • Sandal

  • Vetiver (Khus Khus)