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Indian Attar

Our company is one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of a wide assortment of premium Indian Attars. Our range is inclusive of Agarwood Attar, Al Kaba Attar, Bakul Attar, Black Musk Attar, Dehn Al Oudh Attar, Henna Kesar Attar, Henna Oudh Attar and many more. Formulated using quality ingredients under the guidance of experienced professionals, our Indian Attar are preferred for its high quality and unmatched purity. We package them in hygienic packaging to enhance its shelf life.

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Majmua Attar

Majuma is one of The Best Scented Oils ever created from the land of fragrance called  India (Bharat Varsh). In the world of Natural Scented Oils Majuma is the best along with sandalwood, Agarwood, Vettiver due to its natural indentity. Majuma is an exquisite blend or nix  of Woody, Floral, Musky natural scented oils. The deep and


Agarwood Attar

Agaru in Sanskrit (Agarwood)  is used in India since vedic period by Siddhas in their daily rituals and worship of lord.India is said to be the land where the most superior quality Agaru is available. This oil was gifted to mankind by siddhas with the blessing of Lord due to its medicinal properties, lasting fragrance  and its natural


Al Kaba Attar

Al-Kaaba Hind attar is an oriental fragrance both for men and women. This beautiful fragrance is made of sandalwood, amber,floral extracts. A unique combination of woody,floral, sweet, spicy notes that make one feel great and pleasing. This attar has got mesmerizing fragrance and is long lasting.The sandalwood oil in the attar reduce stress. more...

Bakul Attar

Bakul Flower is one of the most scared as well as beautiful blooming tree. The Bakul Attar has a  strong and pleasing fragrance that fills the air with intoxicating aroma.  It is commonly found in western part of india and is blooming during the month of March to September. Bakul Flower also called garland Flower lasting for very long


Black Musk Attar

We offer 100% Natural and Skin Safe Black Musk Attar is quality processed using hydro distillation of herbs, flowers and spices that is followed by the maturing stages. The quality Black Musk Attar hence generated is used for providing solutions for joint pains, acne as well as skin problems.



Dehn Al Oudh Attar

This Dehan al oudh is extracted from the brown semi solid Agarwood tree. These trees are extensively grown widely in Eastern Region of  India. Our attar is extracted from highest quality of raw material. Fresh and pure the fragrance of this attar cannot be compared with other attar and is long lasting. It contains Sandalwood oil, Floral


Henna Kesar Attar

The Hina Zafrani Attar is a mixture that evokes warmth and provocation in our mind and soul. Composed by the process of distillation, Hina Zafrani Attar utilizes a variety of Sandalwood concoctions together with Saffron. We utilize sandalwood as a fixative for our blend as it is capable of evoking fragrant floral notes in the attar.


Henna Oudh Attar

The Hina Oudhi attar offered by us is extracted from Agarwood. A very rare attar has a strong woody Fragrance. This attar is specially Used to facilitate Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual activities. This attar also has medicinal properties.

Details :

  • Country of Origin - India
  • Color&Odor -

Jasmine Sambac Attar

Jasmine Sambac Attar  extracted from Jasminum Gradiflora of the Oleaceae family. Its brilliant fragrance makes it a valued ingredient in the perfumery industry. Since Vedic period, jasmine has been used in India. Arabs and the Chinese also use this attar for medicinal application.The intense aroma of Jasmine Sambac Attar makes its presence


Kesar Attar

We are an eminent Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Kesar Attar from India. The highly fragrant Kesar Attar is a favorite among customers for its superior quality, rejuvenating effect, and long shelf life. We package the Attar in high grade materials to avoid any risk of contamination. Customers from all over the world


Lotus Attar

We have been composing and supplying a large assortment of premium quality Indian Lotus Attar. The attar that we offer comes to be special in its composition with a very delicate and largely refined floral aroma together with a soft earthy note blended with sandalwood. Lotus Attar finds utility as an elegant perfume as well as an agent of


Vetiver Attar

Our company is a reputed Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Vetiver Attar from India. We process the Attar using advanced machinery and in highly hygienic environment to ensure it remains free of adulterants. We offer a huge assortment of Vetiver Attar to address buyer’s variegated demands. Customers from all over