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Arakaja Paste

Arakaja Paste

We manufacture and supply Korojan Paste for temples to be used in daily rituals. The Korajan Paste offered by us is premium in quality and is made as per strict vedic principles followed by Sidhars. The Paste symbolizes positive energy & divine power”s presence when used during daily rituals in worship places & homes. By using Korajan Paste for rituals we can feel the vibration and presence of divine power through its effective fragrance. This paste is made with Kasturi, Arakaja, Punugu, Korojan, Herbal Plants & Roots.

Keeping this mind we use premium quality natural ingredients, best labour practices in the industry & latest standards to make our product as a special one from similar product available in the market.

Features :
  • Made with Natural Aromatic Ingredients
  • No Soot
  • Long Lasting Fragrance
  • No Preservatives or chemicals

Uses :
  • For Temple Kumabhishekham, Punarudhranam, Spritual Purification, daily rituals, religious Ceremonies & Yagam
  • As a Medicine for good health & to keep away negative energy
  • Used in Homes & Business Eastablishments to get positive vibration
  • Applied in Temple deities before & after abshishekam

Packing : 10gm to 1kg in Sealed Plastic jar & Bottle.