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Agarwood Attar

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We hold specialization in offering 100% pure Agarwood Attar.  It is widely used in making different kinds of perfumes. Our Agarwood Attar is highly demanded by our customers due to its medical properties. Our Agarwood Attar is packaged using high-grade packaging bottles and jars to increase their shelf live. We provide Agarwood Attar in different quantities to meet the diverse demands of buyers.


Description : Agarwood Attar has a pleasing woody masculine fragrance and is extracted from natural Agarwood (oudh/Aloeswood). It is made from Agarwood tree.  The extracted Agarwood is most expensive oil among natural oil due to its scarce availability and require more than hundred years to form moold on the tree.  Oudh (Agarwood) is carrying a deep natural, woody and earthy aroma with lasting fragrance. It blends with all oils and has deep woody, natural , balancing and purifying qualities.

Details :

  • Botanical Name - Aquilaria Malaccensis
  • Country of Origin - India
  • Color & Odor - Dark Brown